What Are Semi-Rimless And Rimless Eyeglasses?

When you step into a store to purchase eyeglasses, the first thing you will notice is that frames from different manufacturers hardly differ in anything else than the frame style. You will find them in full, semi-rimless and the rimless eyeglasses rimless varieties, and a lot of makers now offer both standard prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. In a way, the full frame style is considered traditional today and there are very few takers for them. Most wearers prefer the semi-rimless or the rimless kinds.

Let us take a look at these two predominant frame styles individually. Semi-rimless frames have just two semi circles. This means that the lenses are only half covered by the frame. Usually, this would be the upper part of the lenses. The look is concise with the fewer materials used as compared to a full frame.

Rimless eyeglasses are fairly new with no metal or plastic frame holding the lenses. They are undoubtedly light weight. Not just the weight, these rimless glasses offer a cool look with your forehead and eyebrows clearly visible. You will find many styles and colors for this frame type. You can add further style with the latest groovy rimless glasses which has no solid rim but a transparent nylon string. The ones that use no rims at all hold the lenses to the bridge and temple by drilling and then using screws onto the lenses.

Another kind of rimless is the titanium string around the lens. This makes it 10 times lighter than other rimless varieties. These glasses are durable, flexible and offer the style you crave for in a pair of eyeglasses. However, these are a delicate pair and if you are used to throwing your glasses on the bed, you rather opt for the semi-rimless style. Some other advantages of the semi-rimless and rimless eyeglasses are highlighted here so you can make your choice:

– These are less visible, you actually feel like you are not wearing glasses at all.

– Since both the rimless and semi-rimless eyeglasses use fewer materials than the full rimmed style, they are lighter. This adds to the comfort of the wearer. I can only too well remember how the bridge of the nose and even the back of the ear would ache at the end of the day with those heavy glasses!

– Since these are light, most are offered in sleek foldable styles enabling you to easily carry them in your purse or pocket everywhere you go.

– The rimless style allows you to easily change just the lenses every time there is a change in your prescription without spoiling the look each time.

With all these advantages in place, you have to be more careful with your newly acquired semi-rimless or rimless glasses. Where the semi-rimless variety comes with a thicker lens and nylon rims at the bottom; the rimless ones have no support around the lenses at all. This means that you have to be good with handling your pair to ensure they last you long. A more durable lens for these would be the polycarbonate ones. Check out all kinds of styles, shapes and colours at a physical or online store and flaunt your new glasses with élan!