10 Essential Pieces of Advice for Your Next Cycle Ride

Cycle tours are the best tour for those people who want to experience freedom. It is a great way to unwind oneself in the laps of nature. Riding along a path can be an addictive, almost out-of-body experience. One major advantage of the cycle tour is it is cost effective and the entire tour is in your own control. You can start the tour according to your own convenience, take some rest whenever you desire and can even take a detour if you feel like. Here are the 10 essential tips for your next cycling tour.

  1. Research the Route

Whenever you wish to undertake any customised tour the first thing which you should do is research about the shortest and the best route to reach your destination. Do some brainstorming over the internet to find out the safest route. Try to design the route along the highways. In this way the chances of finding better road conditions, departmental stores and hotels along the way maximises. The experts recommend getting a companion or a group of cyclists for the tour. The trip would not be boring and you would also feel safe.

  1. Get the Right Fit

Before you start the trip, work with your local cycle shop to develop the perfect fit for your cycle. You can avoid chances of back pain, sore foot and injuries in this way. Adjust the height of the saddle according to your convenience. Invest in a good quality cycling helmet. All these things are important prerequisites for the tour.

  1. Flat Repair Kit

Do not forget to carry a flat repair kit along with you. It consists of a pump, spare tube, tire patches and tire levers. It might make your luggage heavy, but at times of emergency, this kit acts as a saviour.

  1. Carry Some ID Proof

Whenever you embark on a journey always carry an ID proof along with you. It may be your driving licence, or your PAN card or your official ID. Accidents do occur during the trip, the ID proof helps to establish your identity in such a case.

  1. Get the Right Attire

Always wear a black t shirt during the cycling tour. These t-shirts can be perfectly teamed with your cycling shorts. They are not only very comfortable but also do not show the dust and dirt on its surface. You can spend the entire day cycling wearing the same t-shirt. Log in to the website of Bewakoof, Myntra, Jabong, Lee, Levis, etc to buy the latest trendy black t-shirt for you.

  1. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Always apply a generous dose of sunblock cream on all the exposed area of your body. They have a soothing effect on your skin and prevent the skin from getting tanned during the daylong exposure to the sun.

  1. Raingear

Never forget the rain gear like the protective raincoat and a waterproof cap. The weather in India is highly unpredictable; you can experience a shower at any time of the year. The rain gear would protect you from getting sick during the tour.

  1. Extra Footwear

It is important to carry an extra pair of cycling shoes. Your regular shoe may get worn out during the trip. Finding a shop to buy a spare is time-consuming as well as wastage of energy.

  1. Dry Foods

Always carry some dry food like chocolates, cookies, and energy bar along with you. They are a good way of grabbing a quick bite along the way without wasting any time. Do not forget to carry a water bottle. It is important to keep yourself hydrated so that you do not feel the strain of the cycle riding.

  1. Improve your Stamina

It is important to improve your stamina for the cycle trip. Practise at least 3-4 hours of cycling each day for a week before the tour. In this way, you can improve your endurance level and get yourself ready for the trip.

Now, everything is ready and you are set to embark on the dream tour of your life. Forget all the stress of your daily life and make the most of this experience.