An Exclusive Gifting Idea: A Real Rose in a Glass Dome!

Selecting a gift for any woman is often challenging. More often than not, it is all about the clichés – bouquets, wine, chocolates and candles. If you want to skip all of that and pick something unique for your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend, Notta & Belle has something that you can check. The company, which is based in Europe, came up with the idea of a rose in a glass dome, and mind it, we are talking of a real rose here. We ordered a blue rose from their collection at

What’s the concept all about?

The concept of a rose in glass dome is pretty new to be honest, but the idea is certainly inspired from Beauty and the Beast, and Notta & Belle agrees to it. The product contains a real rose, but it isn’t stocked in vacuum. In fact, the rose has been processed using special technology, and you can actually touch it. The company admits to using fresh flowers, and there are no analogues in the market.  The roses are stocked from suppliers in Ecuador and Spain, and they are shipping the product globally.

Things to know

If you are fond of unique things, this product from Notta & Belle is worth considering. It is handcrafted in Europe, and the company claims that the rose will remain as it is for at least five years. What we liked is the fact that there’s something for everyone. If you don’t want to go for the standard rose, there are over 15 colors to choose from, and yes, we also saw that there are three different sizes. You can go for petite rose or a large one, as it pleases you. It is easy to touch the rose by lifting the dome, and there’s no maintenance or care needs at all.

Note that Notta & Belle does accept personalized engravings on the product for a small fee. We ordered one for review purposes and were pretty impressed with the quality of the rose as well as the glass dome. The price is justified for sure, but there were discounts on their website, so we did save some money. The black and blue roses are extremely endearing to look at, and the product came packed in a sturdy box, so there was no damage in transit. Check their website to know more on this product.